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High, Higher, High Heels – Germany’s best known Cuban tells stories from his life.

He is one of the most liked faces of the current German media landscape, styles the most beautiful women, consults the A List of German celebrities, has his own fashion label and is the most popular cat walk trainer in all of the land. Jorge Alexis González Madrigal Varona Vila, better known as Jorge González has managed what many only dream of: A life in the limelight. Just how long the path from his small hometown in Cuba to the style-hubs of the world was, and the obstacles he needed to conquer to realize his “German Dream” is revealed in his new autobiography “Hola Chicas! On the runway of my life”

“The way you walk is the way you go through life!“

Beginning with his childhood in Jatibonico and his attendance of one of Castro’s “Elite Schools”, following Jorge during his studies in Bratislava and his first taste of the fashion world in Prague – He fights for his dream of living a life where he is free and in control! Raised with as much love as any one person has, he soon realizes that there is sub tone of anti-homosexuality in 1980s Cuba and that there would be no future for him there. He fights to attend one of the countries most prestigious and elite schools with the strategy of making it out of Cuba by studying abroad – one of the few ways that anyone left Cuba.

In “Hola Chicas! On the runway of my Life”, which is currently available only in German, Jorge tells all – including why Kafka was instrumental in choosing where he would study, how he would break the rules in the socialist eastern block, why one can use the same chewing gum for 4 weeks without problems and the role that the “red tin” played in labelling him revolutionist traitor, resulting in his almost decade long ban from Cuba. He tells stories of Family, friendships and conviction – all factors which have allowed him to realize his “German Dream”.




Hola Chicas! Auf dem Laufsteg meines Lebens

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ISBN: 978-3-453-60274-8

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