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09.03.2016 – Get ready for another season „Let’s Dance“ on RTL.

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Hola Chicas y Chicos,

get ready for another season „Let’s Dance“ on RTL.

On Friday the 11th of March at 08:15 PM Sylvie Meis and Daniel Hartwich are back to guide us through twelve episodes with drama, glamour and glitter.

You will see fourteen celebrities and their professional dance partners battle it out to secure the coveted title of “Dancing Star 2016”.

Who has got the rhythm? Who is a real natural talent? Who will be able to keep up with the highly technical choreography? And who will take the training not seriously enough and will stumble over the rhythm?

Definitely the judges will look carefully and will deliver a fair assessment of the presentations.

For the fourth time Jorge González will be a part of the judging panel. Professional dancer and evaluation judge Motsi Mabuse (34) and the international evaluation judge and strict dance juror Joachim Llambi (51) will join him again.

Every week one dance-couple will have to be eliminated. Of course, it's still all about the fans who ultimately help determine which teams make the cut each week with their votes during the biggest dance party on the planet!

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