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13.03.2015 – Jorge can’t wait for season 8 of “Let’s Dance” to begin!

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Hola Chicas y Chicos,

On Friday the 13th of March at 08:15 PM the new season of „Let’s Dance“ begins on RTL, promising more celebrities, more shows and most importantly, more dancing!

For the third consecutive season, Jorge González will return as Judge and is very much looking forward to seeing the rhythm of the contestants and to many surprises.

14 celebrities in dancing fever are looking forward to the Rumba, Samba and much more. Weeks of sweat-inducing hard work is waiting for the starts but that has not put them off in the slightest – they cannot wait to be part of the successful RTL show. Over 12 episodes, the stars will have the chance to show their moves to the judges and the millions that tune in every week. Sitting next to Jorge are fellow judges: Motsi Mabuse (33) a professional dance and Joachim Llambi (50) who is known to be a tough critic.

Will the 14 star-contestants have what it takes to impress the judges? Will they be able to keep up with the highly technical choreography? Every week a new challenge awaits them to truly test their abilities. More than almost any other show of its kind, “Let’s Dance” requires the utmost dedication from its participants, as every week one dance-couple will have to be eliminated. The decision of who stays and who goes is made by both the Judges and the viewers who can text or call in their votes.

Only those who continuously impress with their natural skill, hard work and passion will be able to call themselves “Dancing Star 2015”.

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