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14.06.2016 – Jorge does "Germany's smell test!"

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Hola Chicas y Chicos,

during the campaign "Deutschland macht den Dufttest" for the deodorant brand 8×4 Jorge González will surprise German women on the street and show them fragrances, that suit their personality and style. Finding the right fragrance is incredibly important in Jorge´s opinion, because it highlights the individual personality of each woman, emphasizing the appearance, the charisma and it providing an irresistible attraction!

Without even revealing too much, we promise, you'll be surprised about the results of this fragrance-test.

Additionally to this online spot, a TV commercial, a national free testing action, various social media activities and online fragrance tests with Jorge González will be part of the campaign "Deutschland macht den Dufttest".

Each fragrance-type can discover the right fragrance in the extensive assortment of 8x4. On www.8× you can already make the fragrance-test. Jorge will help you to find out, which fragrance suits you the best.

“Strong as a deodorant, exciting as a perfume - and all without aluminium salts!”

The fragrance creations of 8x4 comply with the classical categorization of the perfume industry:

aquatic fragrances: 8×4 pure und 8×4 ocean fresh

flowery fragrances: 8×4 inspire und 8×4 modern charme

fruity fragrances: 8×4 key to love und 8×4 wild flower

Gourmand- fragrances: 8×4 beauty

Fougère- fragrances: 8×4 men urban spirit

lemon & green fragrances: 8×4 pure, 8×4 men discovery, 8×4 men sport

oriental fragrances: 8×4 hollywood, 8×4 men markant, 8×4 men beast


More Information is available at www.8×

Enjoy fragrance-test!

Saludos, Your Jorge-Team