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13.10.2014 – "Prominent mit Hund - und einer Katze"

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Hola Chicas y Chicos,

Want to get to know celebrities better? Author Bettina Bergwelt and photographer Nikolaj Georgiew make it happen with their new book “Prominent mit Hund – und eine Katze” (Celebrities with dogs- and a cat).

Over the course of a year they travelled and met with 25 celebrities: Jorge González, Guido Maria Kretschmer, Ursula von der Leyen, Peter Maffay, Mousse T., Sabine Christiansen, Rudolf Schenker, Henry Maske and many others, who show themselves in a new light with their pets. Beautiful photos with moving, funny and surprising stories.

„Prominent mit Hund - und einer Katze“ will be released on the 10/10/2014, on the day of the dog. The 260 page, photo-filled book will cost €29,95. Of all copies that are sold, €1 will be donated to “Vita Assitenzhunde” – a charity trains retrievers to help disabled people make their lives easier. The training is very expensive and the cost are not covered by any health insurance company.

We are very pleased with the pictures with Jorge and his dog “Willie” and want to thank Bettina Bergwelt and Nikolaj Gergiew for the great work! Please help us to support such a worthy cause and find out more by buying the book! 


Saludos, Your Jorge-Team