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21.08.2014 – With Jorge and 8x4 to a great aura!

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Hola Chicas y Chicos,

have you heard? Since Monday, the new TV commercial of "8x4" featuring Jorge is running! He gives you his tips for achieving great charisma and reveals how fragrances can emphasize your personal aura.

Take a look and let yourselves be inspired!

Saludos, Your Jorge-Team

 „8x4“ and Jorge give you tips for achieving great charisma and reveal how fragrances can emphasize your personal aura.

The scent we chose for ourselves, surrounds us like a second skin. Knowing you smell good almost automatically increases your self confidence. 8x4 and Jorge show you how to utilize this positive energy and make sure you exude confidence with you’re your entire body.

Jorge González reveals his personal five tips for a great charisma:

“There are women, whose positive aura and charisma can be felt as soon as they enter a room“, says Jorge, who works as a preffesional Choreographer. “But, there are also women who at first glance do not have this same aura”, but Jorge knows this is something they can easily learn as he gives his tips:

1. Start your day by smiling in your mirror and saying to yourself “You are great the way you are!”. This will give you positive energy for the entire day.

2. Always be positive, even in stressful situations! Whoever manages this, gets this positive energy returned by the people who surround them and you will feel happier and more relaxed.

3. Pay close attention to your posture, internally and externally. When both are in balance and one feels good about oneself and confident, then the world will be more likely to believe your positive aura.

4. If you need to tank some energy and confidence before an important meeting, just find yourself a quiet location, close your eyes and breath deeply. Ask yourself and honestly answer, “How do I feel”, “How do I smell”.

5. Smelling good is not only vital for your external charisma but also your internal charisma as they allow you to feel more comfortable in your own skin. The person who knows that they smell good, act more confident and openly.

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